While the bulk of our business is concentrated in the most widely used sizes and designs of pallets, we can also build and supply customized pallets, including heat treated pallets meeting ISPM-15 phytosanitary guidelines. If you have specific needs, please call our sales & service department for more information.

The Pallet Design Systemâ„¢ (PDS)

The National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) developed their Pallet Design System (PDS) in 1984. Since its introduction, the Association has spent millions of dollars on pallet research and software development, all in an effort to help improve the overall design and performance of pallets.

East Industries has recently upgraded to the newest version, PDS 5.1, to take advantage of the very latest in data accumulation feedback, research and engineering developments, communication advances, and available technologies.

The software allows for virtually every variability in pallet design: size, shape, style, materials, all types and shapes of staples and nails, and special features such as chamfers, clipped corners, strapping notches and slots, and painting or stenciling. and it goes beyond the design of the pallet itself, drawing the entire “unit load,” including pallet, containers, and any load stabilizers.

PDS enables East Industries to better manage production costs, reduce product damage, and improve safety throughout the unit load handling system.