East Industries manufactures and sells a wide variety of pallets. Whether stringer or block style; standard or custom design; new, recycled or remanufactured condition – our sales and customer service staff can meet your specs while providing competitive pricing, a guarantee of quality and reliability, and the convenience of electronic invoicing/payments.

All pallet designs are available for volume sale. We also encourage clients to consider the many benefits of our Pallet Management Program. This is a very efficient, worry-free method of making sure you always have ready-to-use pallets at your backdoor. Reduce your costs and labor expense, eliminate the time required for tracking your pallets, avoid disposal fees for heavily damaged pallets, and maintain full control of your pallet supply.

Pallet Management Program (PMP)

Companies utilizing pallets to distribute goods are already well aware of the many logistical complications they face: keeping sufficient inventory, but not an oversupply of properly sized pallets; repairing or disposing of damaged pallets; attempting to use or dispose of inbound pallets from suppliers of raw materials; tracking all pallets, and a host of other problems encountered almost daily.

While some companies attempt to manage their pallets internally, many have turned to pallet management specialists. East Industries has been supplying pallet management services to its clients for over 40 years. Our team of professionals has developed efficient programs to help companies meet their pallet requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Pallets are a critical component of shipping operations. Handled wisely, they cause no problems and are a small percentage of cost of goods. Handled poorly, and they become an endless source of frustration. The specialists at East Industries have studied all phases of pallet management and can customize a program to please even the most demanding shipping requirements.

How Our PMP Works…
And the Benefits It Offers

East Industries typically steps in to help companies that are already operational, but are experiencing problems or excessive costs with their pallets and are looking for ways to improve their shipping operation. To better understand the benefits of our pallet management program, the process itself is a great place to start.

1) Collection of Pallets at Your Site: In closed-loop operations, pallets you send out eventually come back to you, and may become damaged after many round trips. In addition, pallets entering your facility loaded with inbound raw materials or in-process goods are often damaged, and may get mixed with your standard pallets even though they don’t meet your specs.

Our “reverse logistics” program allows you to load ALL used pallets into an on-site trailer that we furnish. Having your own employees handle, sort, and repair pallets is most likely not the best use of their time, pulling them from more profitable tasks. Our well-trained employees, using specialized woodworking equipment can process your pallets far more efficiently.
2) Pick up of Pallets: East Industries picks up your pallets on a regular schedule, or whenever you call, dropping an empty trailer to replace your full one or delivering purchased or reworked pallets back to you.

3) Sorting of Pallets: Returned pallets are unloaded at our Rocky Mount facility, inspected and sorted.

  • Pallets meeting all inspection requirements are shipped back out or go into our 100,000 square foot warehouse inventory. This prevents exposure to harsh weather, animals, or other contaminants. None of our pallets are stored outdoors.
  • Pallets with minor damage are reworked to go into our finished goods warehouse inventory awaiting shipment to customers.
  • Heavily damaged pallets are disassembled and good component parts are reclaimed and used to assemble or repair more pallets.
  • 100% of the parts deemed unusable are stripped from our pallets and transported to a grinding operation for recycling, where much of it becomes landscaping mulch. North Carolina environmental laws now prohibit the disposal of pallets in landfills.

4) Delivery: Based on scheduling or varying need, East Industries delivers a processed load of ready-to-use pallets to your facility. At every stage, computer-generated spreadsheets keep you completely informed about your pallet supply. Monthly reports recap all activity and electronic billing is available for your convenience. Pallets are inspected during the initial sorting process, after repairs, and a final inspection is done just prior to shipment to your facility. All pallets are guaranteed to meet customer’s satisfaction as to specifications and requirements. East Industries operates a fleet of over 100 over-the-road trailers, and all tractors are satellite-tracked for on time logistics monitoring.

5) Reporting: We can provide electronic billing as well as payments and also provide monthly, quarterly and annual accountability spreadsheets emailed to your designated key people responsible for monitoring your company’s pallet program. This includes expendable pallets, company asset pallets, CHEP or iGPS return pallets as well as recycled waste stream pallet poundage to meet your company’s Green goals. The ability to provide this information electronically to you reduces your in-house administrative costs and provides data to make decisions for further cost reductions in your pallet program as well as reducing waste wood haul offs by your waste vendor.

East Industries welcomes any inquiries regarding almost any type of pallet service. If your company has accumulated damaged pallets, we can pick up, inspect, sort and repair or dispose of them. We are very flexible and want to help you in any way with your pallets.