Phytosanitary Compliance (Heat Treatment)

East Industries offers heat treatment of pallets in accordance with the International Plant Protection Convention’s (IPPC) ISPM-15 phytosanitary guidelines. Wood in treated pallets meets debarked standards and has been heated to achieve a minimum core temperature of 56°C (132.8°F) for a minimum of 30 minutes.heat-treatment

The purpose of treatment is to prevent the spread of invasive species of insects and plant diseases across national borders, and is now a requirement for pallet entry in many countries. This heat treatment also meets domestic phytosanitary requirements for pallets used to transport and store pharmaceutical and food-grade products.

Methyl bromide fumigation, while once considered an acceptable treatment, has now been banned in many areas of the world, leaving heat treatment as the industry standard.

East Industries’ pallets subjected to heat treatment will display the IPPC certification seal, often referred to as the “wheat stamp,” and will bear the initials HT as a part of our ID number, indicating full compliance with heat treatment guidelines.

For additional information on ISPM-15 or other international shipping requirements, including most popular styles and metric dimensions, please give us a call.