At East Industries, we make every effort to be environmentally friendly. In our recycle2business, the term “recycling” actually applies to two different facets of our operation. We continue to replace parts and repair pallets so that we get the longest possible life out of each component. That is, we continue to recycle pallets, replacing damaged parts along the way, until there is nothing left of the original pallet.

Unuseable  Parts Get Recycled in a Variety of Products

Once a component is cracked, badly stained, or otherwise damaged beyond repair, it goes to a grinding operation where it is reduced to decorative landscaping mulch, animal bedding, or child-safe, shock-absorbing ground cover for children’s play areas. Other uses for these recycled, ground up boards include fuel pellets, insulation, pressed logs, home building materials and many other environmentally friendly products.

green-reportThe Green Report

Since 1975, East Industries has supplied each of its clients with “The Green Report,” an annual summary indicating the number of pounds of wood recycled from their returned pallets. These numbers are often quoted in Annual Reports and other corporate literature as clear evidence of a company’s positive efforts in recycling and preserving our environment.

Total Recycling Eliminates Use of Landfills

East Industries has always been a leader in recycling efforts and many of our clients share this commitment. About two billion pallets are in use at any one time in the United States alone, and many of them get damaged. Pallets that are repaired and re-used help preserve raw materials and eliminate the use of landfills. And since any pallet components damaged beyond repair are ground up to make other products, this means the entire pallet is recycled. No waste!

East Industries’ slogan, “Going Green Daily,” reflects our shared commitment with our clients to preserve the environment through a consistent and efficient recycling of wood pallets.